Raven Knights

The Welcoming Queen

The Band of Misfit toys are sent on a mission by their supreme commander to discover the source of women and children going missing in the woods. They find a band of trolls speaking of their “master.” Their master supposedly sent them saying they could eat this band of misfits as long as they kept them busy long enough. Spend almost the whole day fighting trolls the party took a rest. They were sure that the master was farther in the woods and would need to be taken care of after the rested and gained back the use of same key abilities. When they woke they saw the smoke rising from the direction of their village. Running as fast as they could home they find the village engulfed in flames. Unable to jump in to save anyone and everything being on fire at this point there was nothing the party could do. As they stood there a portal opened to their left and a revenant stood in the entrance wearing the tell tale markings of the Raven Queen. He instructed they follow him into the portal and the Raven Queen will bring the ones who did this to the justice. Cautious as they were they followed the assassin through the portal. On the other side they found themselves in a temple of the Raven Queen in the middle of her enormous citadel in the Shadowfell. The scout the discover is named (insert character name) but he leaves them in the hands of one of the Raven Queen’s priests. The priest instructs them of where they are and answers any questions they may have. The priest, Teltaro, tells them the Raven Queen wishes to test them to see if they are worthy of serving among the Raven Queen’s most faithful servants. They are to investigate a cave about three days travel from here where they believe some creature is killing off soon to be priests who go there for meditation in their final stages of priesthood. Before the Band of Misfit Toys heads off on this quest they explore the Citadel and find themselves at the orphanage. (Insert Character Name) is drawn to a young child and adopts her. He is training (Insert NPC name) to become a (class of NPC). Then heading to the barracks to get supplies for the trip they meet up again with their scout friend (insert character name) who is going to accompany them. They also suit up (Insert NPC name) with leather armor and some knives to defend herself with. Only making a couple hours of travel the party is drawn to the sound of a dragons roar near by. (insert character name) is able to understand draconic and hears the dragon beckoning them in. They find the entrance to a cave and (insert character name) decides to scout in. Inside (Insert Character Name) sees a dracolich but before he sees it, it sees him and he is stunned by the roar of the great beast. The rest of the party charges in after him to find him stunned on the ground at the feet of the dracolich. The dracolich stands poised, ready for a fight gurading his mound of treasure and surely his phylactery too.

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